What is “One-Times Encounters” about?

The “One-Time Encounters” category is basically about Michael having one-night stands with women. The rules I go by when writing these stories:


1. They will always be from Michael’s POV. (No switching POVs, No POVs from the ladies, just Michael, okay?)

2. No other genders. I don’t even care if he experimented in his lifetime, there will be no gay sex or orgies (unless it’s two women which, even then, will be rare. I’ll try to keep it “normal” for those traditional readers).

3. If you don’t know what a one-night stand is, you are either:  

A. Underaged (you shouldn’t be here)

B. A virgin (Get SOME)

or C. Need to go back to Sex Ed class (pronto).

One-night stands mean you probably don’t know the person at all or very well. If you’re looking for him to “do it” with Diana Ross, go look into “The Stories” category. But of course, Madonna will probably be featured here since I don’t like her…(long story :p)

Please be aware that some of the encounters might be freaky ‘n’ kinky. You’ve been warned! *laughs evilly*


About KTMA

I am the author of the Michael Jackson fanfic site named LoveApplehead, the owner of ThatExtraFill™, and am obsessed with MJ. That's all you need to know. All my sites can be found on WP.

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