Ch 3: The Diva’s Here

October 19th, 1983 (Hayvenhurst)

**Excessive cursing! Have fun reading!**

Ari’s POV

Everything was going smoothly; The dinner was great, the music slammin’. We even ended up going back to his house. His smile intoxicated me; I couldn’t resist following him quietly upstairs towards his bedroom. I sighed slowly trying to imagine Michael Jackson and myself going for the bed, making sweet love to each other. He smiled at me just before he slipped the key inside the lock, put his hand behind my head, pulled my chin up, and kissed me passionately. He felt me moan and pulled me closer while rubbing up against me. I could tell he couldn’t wait for me to slip my underwear off.

He let go of me to resume opening the door, we slipped in, and suddenly he froze, making me bump into him. Someone was in here, an uninvited guest.

“Michael?” A sweet sounding voice called. “Baby, is that you?”

Michael’s POV

I wanted to scream my bloody head off, I wanted to shout to the Devil and ask him himself why in the world would he let her get into my bedroom on a special night like this. The date with Ari was going just the way I wanted it, and now this. What a way to eff up some important plans. She just had to show up. Tonight. Right now. In my bedroom. On my bed. Wearing nothing but a lace nightgown.

“Diana. What are you doing in here and how did you get in?” I made sure Ari’s small stature was hidden behind me. I knew that if Dee saw her, the night would get worse.

“Well, I just slipped in. Worked a few bells and whistles. I wanted to surprise you, that’s all. Why are you so nervous, baby?” She crooned unsuspectingly.

“I’d like you to leave right this minute, Diane. I don’t have time.”

I really don’t have time. The romantic mood Ari and I had just shared was dying out.

Just leave peacefully, Diane! Not tonight! 

But she wouldn’t budge from her sensual position on my bed. I could see the curve of her breasts, even her hard nipples protruding from the revealing nightgown she wore. She made my mouth water- She made me want Ari to be the one that left. But Ari was unexplored land, and I needed to claim my territory. And tonight was gonna be the night.

I decided to ask Ari to step out for a quick second. I apologized over and over again, but she seemed to be unfazed by the whole affair. Once she left, I made up my mind to give it to Diane.

“How dare you come into my home unsuspected. You don’t know when I have ‘guests’. Get out. Please!” I begged.

She was taken aback by my tone of voice; It was a rare sight to see when I yelled at Diane.

“You brought some bitch home?! Is that it? And you want her to be your little play-thing. I see. Well let me just skip town so my man can get some from all the tramps on the block!”

“Diana, it’s not like that…Just get out. This is my house. I pay the bills. I live here. I’m seeing someone I’m interested in, and I would  like to…talk to her some more.” I quietly replied. “And it’s not like you don’t treat me as a toy. You date other men. You touch on them when I’m in the room– Don’t even get me started. Just get the hell out and we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

She sat there dumbfounded that I had just spoken to her like that. She put on some decent clothes, put her hair up in a ponytail, and stormed out. As if on cue, Ari stepped in.

“Listen, Michael,” She said, scratching the back of her head shyly, ” Um, I’m a little tired. If you’re busy I could talk to you tomorrow, or somethin’ like that.”

“No, don’t! She’s gone. She won’t be interrupting us any longer. I’m so sorry this had to happen. Please, uh, sit down.” I hurriedly said.

“So, is she your girlfriend? Because I don’t wanna be caught up in any drama.”

I completely avoided her question by saying: “I promise you she will not cause any more problems.”

She nodded her head in understanding and sighed. I laid my on her thigh and gently rubbed. She looked at me in a sensual gaze, waiting for me to go further. I kissed her, and she kissed me back. God, how her lips felt against mine.

But then the strangest thing happened.

Diane burst into the room with a jealous glare. If looks could kill, Ari would have been on the floor with a puddle of blood surrounding her.

“Diane-” I began to say.

“Save it!” She yelled.

Diana’s POV

How dare this little five piece whore come into my man’s house and make moves on him?! Can’t she see he’s taken? Dumb trick!

“Get. The Fuck. Away from him. Right. Now.” Was all I could say.

Surprisingly she obeyed without a fight, but she glared back, intent on intimidating me.

“What’s your problem?!” She demanded.

“I’ll tell you what my mother fuckin’ problem is! Michael is mine, not yours. He’s my man!”

“He belongs to you? Has he put any rings on your fingers? Has he knocked you up? I don’t think so! So why don’t you just step the fuck off and leave like he asked you to.”

Michael sat on standby, clearly impressed on how this piece of shit was handling herself.

I cracked my knuckles like it was time for bloodshed. If someone had to get hurt, it was gonna be her.

“Now you just wait a mother-fuckin’ minute, Missy-“

“Don’t call me ‘Missy’. And I supposed you want me to respect my elders, correct? Shove it up your ass, you irrelevant dick sucker.”

I could not believe this shit-stopper just interrupted me.

Before I could say another word, she turned to Michael and said, “Michael, I hope you have a nice night. And in a way, Diane is right-“

So the little bitch is agreeing with me?

“-Me and you, we can’t be together. We can’t mess around, since I’m supposed to be your assistant  on the Victory tour.”

She threw that in just to mess with me. And it worked, because I stumbled a little from surprise. I saw she smirked as she left after throwing Michael a kiss.

When she left I said, “I just wanna slap the sh-“

“Not tonight, Diane. What you did was childish and uncalled for. How jealous.”

“But- But she was being childish too!” I whined.

“No, Ari was standing up for herself. You’re such a bully. Goodnight. Oh, and don’t bother calling me tomorrow for our lunch date, that’s just been cancelled. Sweet dreams, my valentine.”

My jaw dropped. Michael was really blowing me off for this 99 Cent Store trash!

I groaned in disgust and left, wondering if Michael would regret what he’d just said to me. And he thinks he’ll get away with this. Hell no!

I’ll ruin Annah- with all the strength and celebrity I have, I will terrorize this bitch. Every ounce of her private life will be made known to me so that I can ruin her. The Diva is back in business.


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I am the author of the Michael Jackson fanfic site named LoveApplehead, the owner of ThatExtraFill™, and am obsessed with MJ. That's all you need to know. All my sites can be found on WP.

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