Ch 4: Everybody Loves Jermaine

October 27th, 1983 (Hayvenhurst)

Janet’s POV

Michael would not stop talking about her. I love my brother – he’s my best friend – but sometimes, he talks too damn much. Especially about young women that he’s got eyes for. This time he had his eyes set on some Californian beauty named Ari; he told me, LaToya, and the brothers that we would all get to meet his soon-to-be lover very soon. “Everything about her is magical” is what he would constantly say. She must be somethin’ else since he talks about her more than he talks about Diana. And from what I can understand, Diana and Michael aren’t on speaking terms at this moment in time. He told me there was a big blow up, but he didn’t want to get into the details.

Today was the day: Ari was coming over, and nobody could wait to see her. Even mother was fidgety about meeting this girl. We all knew how bad Michael was at judging females- we just hoped he had learned his lesson. Jermaine heard a car pull up, and saw the limo driver open the door for a petite young woman.

“She’s here! Michael, get down here!” he called.

“Jerms, shut up! You ain’t gotta be so damn loud!” I said.

He rolled his eyes and made his way to the couch to sit continue watching sports on pay-per-view. Michael came down looking quite dapper in a red shirt with a colorful vest and jeans on. His hair was unkempt, but, in my opinion, his hair looks better that way.

“I hope she’s used to your ‘natural’ look,” I teased,”‘Cause if she ain’t, she’s gonna run straight outta here!”

Michael playfully punched me in my rib as he walked by. As if on cue, the doorbell rang and in came the prettiest girl I had ever seen. She had big lips like Michael had said, but they suited her in a way. She was very tiny, but built like a brick shit house. God, if I was gay, I would tap that.

“Hey, Annah! I’m glad you made it!” Michael said in sing-song voice.

The way Mike’s face lit up – we all got the memo that he thought she was “the one”. When she walked past him for just a second to take her coat off, Mike inhaled her perfume like it was a do-or-die type thing. He was really enjoying himself just staring at her. I could tell he was taking in every single angle of her womanly figure. His eyes paused for the longest time at her ass.

“Hey, Mike! Get outta la-la-land and introduce us to your friend!” Marlon exclaimed.

“Everybody, this is Annah-Renee Johnson. Annah this is everybody. Let’s go!” he took her hand and tried to drag her upstairs to his room. He knew what was coming: The Jackson third-degree murder trial…

The Jackson third-degree is basically this: when a Jackson brings home a certain someone to meet the family, we know it’s serious. So we all ask questions, watch the person’s body language, and stare at them intently. Tito is known to glare at people, especially when it concerns his sisters. But nobody felt  the need to do so to Annah. All of us could tell she was down-to-earth and had a great IQ level.

Michael turned back around, and gave everyone a proper introduction. We hadn’t heard her voice just yet because Mike kept answering questions for her.

“Mikey-boy, let your friend talk. She mute or somethin’?” Randy said.

Ari laughed, “Yeah, Mike! Why’re you answering questions for me? And no, I’m not mute! It’s so nice to meet you all!”

MJ shied away from everyone as if he was busted for breaking the law. Just as he opened his mouth to say something, an uninvited guest showed up, and Michael’s face immediately changed from delight to anger.

Ari’s POV

Oh, not again!

A woman, dolled up in a white dress, mink coat, and sun-hat, stepped through the door and thanked Tito for escorting her inside.

“It’s so cold out there! Goodness! Hi everyone! Who is thi-“

She cut off her sentence as she realized who I was. All she could do was grimace since Katherine was in the room. She knew the rule: no fighting in Mama Kay’s presence. She stood there for a second, then decided to piss me off. This cold, vain, childish woman gave everyone in the room a hug (except for me), and then, when she got to Mike, she hugged him so long and tenderly that each person within five feet of this little get-together understood what she was doing. She was trying to make me jealous.

Michael’s POV

Sometime she goes too far. She always has to have the last laugh when someone upstages her. This isn’t show business, we’re not onstage right now, this is private. The way she was hugging me, I could see Annah was taking it personal. I pushed her away forcefully, but not too hard to where people could see I hated the sight of her at this very moment in time. Her childishness was finding a way to seep through once again.

“Dee! I’m so surprised! What’s brought you here? Do you need anything?” I said in mock-pleasantry. My smile was fake and everyone knew it.

“No. Just thought  I’d surprise you…again.”

But then she whispered to me,”This time with my clothes on.” And then playfully winked at me.

I had to keep it together. I wanted to scream and shout, kick and hit, roll my eyes, and beat her up with big words. Diva Diane always finds a way to ruin a good day.

Jermaine’s POV

The room fell silent as this conversation between Diana and Mike  occurred. My brothers, sisters, mother, and I all saw that Michael was being nice in a fake way. He didn’t want Dee here, he didn’t even want to see her face. We could all see disgust in his eyes, a rare sight to the family.

Once this little exchange of talk was over, Michael and Annah made their way to the kitchen to get some snacks. I nudged Dee and motioned my head for her to follow me. She obeyed and soon we were far away from the living room.

“What’s up, Jermaine?” she asked politely.

I should just be out with it. I know Michael won’t do it…So I’ll do it for him.

“Mike don’t want you here, Diane.” I said with no emotion in my voice.

She smirked and said,”Did Michael put you up to this?” And then she laughed as if she knew that was the perfect answer. “I’m not leavin’ just ’cause Mike got his bitch here. If anything, that slut should be the one to leave. I’m his number one choice, he should remember that.”

“Michael didn’t tell me anything. But I know my brother, and I could see it in his eyes. I saw him push you away after the hug. Hell, everybody did. We know our brother better than anyone, leave before you cause trouble.”

“I’m not going to cause any trouble.” she replied defensively.

“See, I know somethin’ went down with you, Mike, and Ari a few weeks ago. The only other person that knows almost eveythingl is Janet, and she can keep a secret forever and a day. I know that you humiliated yourself as well as Ari. I know that you tried to pull the ‘I-thought-you-loved-me’ card, and the ‘diva’ card. I also know that you don’t love my brother the way you say you do. You don’t want him with Ari because you’re afraid your sex-buddy will get preoccupied.”

She stood there in stunned silence.

“Today is a special day for Ari and Mike, whether you like it or not. So once again, please leave. “

Diana looked like she was on the verge of tears, ready to lash out at me at any moment for almost making her ruin her makeup. But she left- She left without a word. Michael should thank me.

Five hours later

LaToya’s POV

After AJ left- Yeah! We’re calling her AJ! Cute, right?- Katherine left to go hang out with some of her lady friends. The rest of the Jackson gang continued to play board games. We all showered Mike with compliments about Ari; Especially the boys.

“Man, she got a nice butt. Can I get a slice o’ that cake?” Jackie teased.

All of us burst out laughing. It seemed like we were a family again. Like old times before Jackie, Jermaine, and Tito went and got married. But this special moment was soon to end because of one little itty-bitty question Michael had had on the tip of his tongue all day.

“Why did Diana leave so early?”

Janet was the first to notice that Jermaine got quiet.

“Jerms, what did you do?” she asked accusingly.

“I- I-…” he faltered. “I told her to leave. I could see she was ruining your day. All the signs were there, man. You didn’t want her here. So I told her that ’cause I knew you didn’t have the balls to tell her yourself.”

Michael’s eyes were blazing with hatred, anger, and, ironically, thanks.

“You had no right! This is my business! Not yours! How dare you even do some dumb stuff like that! You probably made her cry!”

“Why the fuck would you care if she cries? Michael, get over it. Diana don’t give a shit about your feelings. She’s just using you!” Jermaine piped back.

“Don’t change the topic, Jermaine!”

“Yeah!” Randy chimed in.

“Stop instigatin’, Randy!” Michael hollered.

“You’re a ruthless idiot and twit! I hate you, Jermaine! I hate you with all the God-given talent I have.” Michael stared in Jermaine’s eyes, intent on choking his brother with a glare.

“You are as childish and as selfish as Diane. You’re a ruthless, cunning coward. An invalid. An irrelevant pile of bones. And I want nothing to do with you!” he continued.

Okay, this has gone far enough.

“Michael! Take it back! You don’t mean that! He’s your brother, he was only trying to help!” I cried.

“Mike, you’re over-reacting.” Janet said in a calm voice.

The girls always try to keep the peace in the family, while our brothers just sit and watch the turmoil like it’s a new football game on ESPN.

“This- This fish-kissing piece of trash is not my brother. I can handle my own damn business. To hell with you all!” And Michael stomped upstairs to his room to cool down.

Janet’s POV

Michael is right, Jermaine should have kept his mouth shut. But Michael also shouldn’t have acted like such a drama queen. After everyone’s temper cooled down, me, my sister, and my brothers all walked Jermaine to the door.

“We love you, bro.” Jackie said sincerely.

“All of us.” LaToya added.

“Not me!” could be heard from upstairs.

“I’ll talk to him.” I said.

Jermaine sullenly replied, “No, it’s unnecessary, but thank you, Janet.”

I could see Michael peeking through the banister, with tears in his eyes, to watch Jermaine cry as he walked out.

The Jackson family drama. This is only half of it.


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