Ch 5: So Who’s It Gonna Be?

November 5th, 1983 (The Radisson Hotel: Los Angeles)

Brooke’s POV

I saw him in the ballroom with some chick. Part of me was happy that he was having an intimate conversation with a girl, while the other half of me just couldn’t conceive that he would cheat on me. Michael was touching her arm softly, whispering tenderly in her ear; He could barely stop looking at her. Katherine Jackson saw it all; the way her son’s eyes were gleaming with joy from standing next to this small, pretty child. Her age was hard to tell, but she was spectacular no matter what. I walked up behind MJ and tickled his sides to distract him from this rare beauty.

“Hey, Mike! You didn’t tell me you were going to be here!” I exclaimed with a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

He chuckled, not even paying attention to what I was wearing. He usually complimented me on my hair, my eye shadow  a handbag, anything. But instead he smiled and hugged me, side-eyed his date with a mischievous glance, and then said:

“I forgot. I’m sorry. Plus every thing has been so hectic lately. Will you forgive me?”

He understood from the look on my face that I was confused…and that I knew he was lying.

“Ari! C’mere! I’d like you to meet someone.” He reached for the girl’s hand and pulled her toward me. “Brooke, this is Annah-Renee Johnson. Annah, this is my best friend, Brooke Shields.”

Once again, I’ve been friend-status-ed?

“Nice to meet you, Annah-Renee.” I said cordially.

“You can call me Ari for short; It’s so much easier. And it’s a pleasure to meet you.” She stared at my dress in awe. “Gosh! I really want your dress. It’s real cute!”

I thanked her a dozen times, and then made my way over to Diana Ross to ask about Mike and Ari’s relationship with each other.

“Excuse me, Diana. Can I speak to you for a sec?” I quietly asked.

She quickly finished her conversation and then led me over to a partitioned seating area in the ballroom where we could talk freely.

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah. Well…I’ve just got a question: Is Mike dating that girl named Annah?” I questioned.

“Oh. Yeah. I can’t believe it. That little- Don’t even get me started. They’ve been hanging out a lot, but I don’t think he asked her to be his girlfriend yet. Mike did bring her home to meet the family. She’s been hanging out at their house a lot since Katherine likes it.”


“She likes it ’cause Michael’s eyes light up. Everybody likes seeing Michael happy like that.” She sighed a heavy sigh.

“It sounds like they’re getting pretty serious if Mike brought her home…”

She nodded her head in agreement, then gathered her purse, and went back to being Diva Diane.

What about me? I thought Michael liked me- I mean, we are dating…Aren’t we?

Katherine’s POV

I adored the way my son looked at Annah. It’s such a lovely feeling to see your children grown, happy, and in love. The way Michael looked at her was better than magic. It was like seeing God fall in love with the stars and planets or like a blissful re-creation of Eden. For the past two weeks, Mike and Ari were inseparable; Michael invited her to parties, photoshoots, and late-night “outings”.

Ari left to go to the bathroom real quick, so I took up the chance to ask Michael a sincere question.

“Michael, come sit down by me.” He obeyed and I continued, “What’s going on between you and Ari? You two seem to be getting real close.”

LaToya had to put her two-cents in: “Yeah! Mama’s right! You guys are together 26/5!”

“You’re such a dimwit, Toy Toy. It’s 24/7.” He rolled his eyes.

“Yeah I know, but the way you two are in each others face, an extra two hours is needed.”

“Toya, you sound real dumb right now.” Janet said passing by.

We all chuckled a little because sometimes my daughter can be that way.

“Well, I was thinkin’ about asking Ari to be my girlfriend. I’m just too embarrassed to do so. Sometime it’ll be like we’re talking and I want to ask her, but then I shy away from the idea.”

“Just take it slow. The time will come when you won’t feel too shy to ask her.” Jackie advised.

Ari came back in the nick of time and asked Michael to dance with her. He took her hand and they walked toward the dance floor, smiling and laughing like love struck idiots. I remember when I used to feel that way about Joe. That’s not the case anymore…

Joe’s POV

I never really paid attention to Michael and his feelings for women, but this young thang named Annah-Renee was really making my son light up. It’s a mother-fuckin’ sight to see. But as long as he still gets that paper comin’ in and isn’t distracted from his work, it’s all good.

After the Party (Hayvenhurst)

Michael’s POV

Everyone from the party that knew me well decided “Hey! Lets throw the after-party at Mike’s house!”. Even Mother was okay with this. As long as Ari and I are together, I could care less.

Hayvenhurst hasn’t seen a party this big since…God knows when. Once everyone was in the house, someone put on some Kool & the Gang and got the party started. People were talking, laughing, and having even more fun than we did at the ballroom. Dresses came off and were replaced with jeans and t-shirts courtesy of LaToya; tuxedos and cuff-links were removed to have an easier time flirting with the girls. Everyone was just open and honest with each other.

I avoided Diana and Brooke at all costs; mainly for the purpose of staying with Annah so that a catfight wouldn’t happen. I made my way upstairs about two hours into the party, unaware that the two females I was hiding from were right behind me. They even followed me into my room.

“Mike, I gotta ask you something.” Brooke said first.

“What is it?” I asked sincerely.

“Annah-“, her voice cracked, “Are you and Annah together?”

“Yeah, Michael. You’ve got us wondering why you’re playing us.” Diana said.

I really didn’t want to talk to them, let alone Diana, because I knew a conversation with Brooke and Dee would boil down to this.

And then the big question: “You’ve got three women on your arm, who’s it gonna be that gets to keep you?”

Why did they have to ask that?

“Well- uh….uuuhhh….” I said completely clueless.

“Brooke, you’re like a friend to me. You’re the girl I can talk to about almost anything. Diana- I don’t know what to say about you. I’m in love with you but you’re selfish and conniving. You cheat on me, you break my heart over and over again. But Annah is more than just a friend and she doesn’t hurt me. She’s exciting, breathtaking, wild, playful.”

I took a deep breathe, afraid my head would get chopped off for what I was about to say.

“So I guess I really do have to choose…And it’s going to be Annah. I don’t know why it has to feel like a contest, but that’s just the way it is. Brooke I hope you don’t feel offended.” I turned to her and gripped her shoulder lovingly.

“No, I don’t, Michael. We’re just good friends, and I’m okay with that.”

Brooke hugged me back and left to go and join the party once more…

Now for Diane.

Diana’s POV

I know he did not just say that I’m selfish and conniving, and that I break his heart all the time! Is he kidding me?! Before he could say one word, I left his bedroom and went to track Annah down. She was alone in the garden with two baby deer playing around behind a water fountain. As soon as she heard footsteps, she assumed it was Michael walking up the pathway.

“Michael, this place you told me to wait for you is beautiful!” she exclaimed with delight.

“Bitch, sit your Mary Poppins’ ass down.”

I attacked her swiftly and without a word. There were no cries or screaming, only the sound of her clothes being ripped apart. When I got her pinned to the floor, I injected her with a needle that would make her sleep for a little while- just a few days. Before anyone could catch me, I walked in through a secret back door that Michael showed me a while ago, and entered the living room unnoticed.

Revenge is bitter sweet.


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