Ch 6: Don’t Get Your A** Beat

**Chapter 7 Will Actually Be A Continuation of Chapter 6**

November 7th, 1983 [Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA]


Marlon’s POV

Michael hadn’t let anyone in the hospital bedroom. He was afraid that if she woke up, she wouldn’t be looking at him. The two days that she had been here were really sad; Michael was with her the whole time, barely taking his eyes off her to talk to anyone. The doctors kept begging him to eat and get rest but he refused. He had a deep dedication to Ari, something none of us could understand since he hadn’t been with her very long. Diana didn’t show up even once, thankfully. We all knew that if she did, Michael would have a rare rage fit – meaning he would actually use curse words and throw punches.

Ari had been in an unresponsive coma for the most part of her stay at the hospital, causing the doctors to be afraid that there might be permanent brain damage. Mike wouldn’t let them check anything but her vitals until her next of kin got here, which meant we were all going to see Annah’s ‘rents. What a good way to meet the family..

Katherine’s POV

I was scared for my son both because of Ari and because of his obsession with staying by her side. The docs all told us that whoever drugged her put a lethal dose in her system and that it’s a wonder she’s not dead. And they also seemed to hint around about something..Ari might be pregnant. Maybe it’s just me thinking this, but if she is, I think it’s too early for them to start a family. I’m just hoping and praying that Annah can handle this and wake up. Because my son needs her, and without her, I think he might literally go crazy.

Michael’s POV

The door opened quietly as I looked up. It was only Janet. Janet means nothing to me right now. I just wanted my baby, Annah, to wake up. She just won’t! A few more tears slipped out of my eyes as I pleaded to Jehovah to forgive me for my sins and to not use Ari as payback. I guess people are right when they say Karma is a bitch. Diana is like a bad case of Karma – she never gives up and she always comes back for more.

“Michael, I know you don’t wanna talk right now, so don’t. But I’ve got something to say, and it has to do with why Ari is sick.” She told me quietly.

Janet knew that my ears were perking up even though my eyes were watching AJ’s chest rise and fall slowly the whole time.

“I know who drugged her..” she paused with tension. “..And it was your girl. The one we all know and love: Miss Diana Ross.”

I turned my head slowly to look at my sister like she was crazy. Diana wouldn’t stoop this low! ..Would she?

“I saw it all through the second story window above the staircase. Ari looked like she was waiting for someone to meet her in the garden, and when she turned around Diana pounced on her. I couldn’t get down there quick enough because of the party, so I stayed and watched. Michael, she was ripping her clothes and everything, and then when she finally got her pinned down-“

“You’re a liar.” Was all I said.


“Get out.”

“If I see Diana I swear I’ll kick her ass. You just watch.”

“You wouldn’t dare, Dunk.”

“You’re ex is a selfish bitch. Why would I lie to my best friend. I would never lie about something this horrible. I know for sure it was Diane.  You need to go handle your business with Diana and tell her to stay away from Annah before she gets hurt.”

And with that, Janet left. I was speechless. My girlfriend is sitting her because she was poisoned…by the love of my life.

What a wonderful god-damned world..

Diana’s POV

I got that bitch! I got her! And nobody saw me! Nobody will ever figure out it was me unless that cunt tattle-tales, which I’m sure she will not do. As soon as I walked into the hospital wing that Michael had rented out for Annah, Janet, Jermaine, and Marlon zeroed in on me with daggers. Could they possibly know what I did?

No, they couldn’t. I made sure there was no one to witness what happened.

I kept walking with my head held high and my face showing fake condolences. Inside I was feeling total satisfaction. I really taught that bitch a lesson, now didn’t I?

When I pushed the door to the room open, I felt my stomach sink.

Annah was unconscious and Michael was in tears. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to happen!

“Michael! What- What happened to Annah?”

He took a deep breathe and looked me dead in the eye with a cold stare. “She’s almost dead. Someone drugged her with a lot of liquid painkiller. The doctors aren’t even sure how she’s still in existence.”

“Is anything else wrong?” I said, biting my nails.

“Our baby is gone.” He said with no emotion.

Michael’s face was listless and stained with tears. He stood up to get a blanket from the chair across from him, and I saw that he might as well be a zombie. Nothing could hurt him more than what I did, and nothing could make him smile or laugh until this girl was okay. I’d do anything to see his eyes light up, even if it wasn’t from looking at me.

“Did you say ‘baby’?”


When did this happen? It’s always obvious when Michael “gets some”.

I couldn’t say anything else out of shock, and because I knew that if I pressured him with more questions, he would start refusing to answer. I sighed deeply with heavy guilt on my chest and went to the waiting room to say hello to everyone.

“Hi, Jane-” I was cut off abruptly.

“Don’t even. I can’t stand you right now. If you don’t get twenty-three feet away from me within seven seconds, you’re going to be dog meat.”

“What did I-“

“You know what you did.” Was all she said.

And I understood that she was the witness. She was the one that saw everything I did. She was the one that rescued Annah in the nick of time. Nobody is allowed to see when I am ruthless, but here she is. Janet Jackson will have to die.

A waste of good talent.

Janet’s POV

I was going to pulverize this bitch. I swore to Michael that I would, and I don’t easily break promises.

I lunged at her throat and ripped her necklace off as I changed my mind and decided not to bruise her. I couldn’t believe someone could be so rude, conniving, bitchy, ruthless, hateful, spiteful. I couldn’t believe it was Diana. LaToya and Joe were closest to me; LaToya was the only one that held me back from punching the living shit out of Dee.

“Janet! What the hell are you trying to do? Kill me?” She asked. I could hear a hint of sarcasm in her voice. She’s playing games.

“Bitch, this ain’t preschool. We got beef now, so let’s eat. Skank ass hoe.”

“Ooh! Nice use of fighting words you under-educated, no-talent-having piece of shit!”

“Hey! That’s my sister you’re talking about, heffa!” Jackie piped up.

“Before you say anything else Dusty Diane, I just wanted to let you know you’re not going to get away with this. Never. I’ll show everyone how shady you are. And you’ll never work in this town again.”

Diana replied in a baby voice, “I’m so scared.”

“You should be. Plus, I told Michael. I’m sure he’ll deal with you later.”

And that’s when the shit started.

Diana grabbed my hair and bitch-slapped me a couple times, them did some sort of cat-fight move. She fights like a girl, and that was her weakness. I grew up with six brothers- I know how to punch. So I socked the shit out of her and the doctors had to take her to the ER.

End of story.

But I will get this savage bitch. I will with a quickness..



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