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It’s just starting up, but here is the new Michael Jackson news site. Whether it’s information or MJ tea, you can read it here. Amazing posts so far – I love it!

This is what the site is about:

Michael Jackson suffered…

But Michael Jackson succeeded in a legacy that no one will be able to touch.

And though it has been 4+ years since Michael left us to finally be at peace, the world is still latching on to his life. Haters are being created everyday – Disgusting, irrelevant humans who are out to twist what originally happened in the King of Pop’s life, be it the child-sex allegations or other false rumors. As a fan and as an author, I just want to tell the truth and to document what really happened in the King’s life. That is all.

“That Extra Fill™ gives you a look inside the one and only King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s life. Whether it’s an alert on fake-stan books, or crazy things happening in the Jackson family, you can be sure to find it here. Some may consider this site as “tea”, some might consider this a piece of crap. You decide.”

Visit the site here or Follow TEF™ on Twitter here.


About KTMA

I am the author of the Michael Jackson fanfic site named LoveApplehead, the owner of ThatExtraFill™, and am obsessed with MJ. That's all you need to know. All my sites can be found on WP.

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