Ch 7 Preview

*This is a preview of Ch 7. You may or may not see this exact excerpt in the final version of Ch 7.*

November 24, 1983 [Annah’s Apartment; Los Angeles, CA]

Michael’s POV

I brought her home in a wheelchair while trying desperately not to cry. The tests they preformed on her showed that she might only be home for a little while – She might not be on this Earth for very long..

I still couldn’t believe what Janet told me about Diana. My own sister lied to me. I’m sure of it. I don’t think Diana would ever do something like this to hurt me or anyone else for that matter. Dee can be a bitch, but she’s not that evil.

“Mmmm-” Annah tried to sound out my name.

“Yes, baby?” I rushed to her side.

“Need help. Sleep. Eat.”

She could barely make four word sentences. I knew Annah would never get into drugs, so I did believe part of what Janet said: someone hurt her. It was probably one of those fans that knows almost everything about me without being 3 feet in front of me. I’d make her (or him) pay. How could you hurt another human being like this? I guess the green-eyed monster is that powerful.

My mother tried to get me to leave the hospital over and over again, failing every time. I couldn’t leave Annah alone. Her parents flight had been cancelled due to a terrorist threat, so who else was going to stay by her side? Marlon said they would keep watch and call me if and when she woke up, but I wouldn’t listen. They just don’t understand. Annah is the love of my life.

And if this girl doesn’t hold on to her life for the rest of mine, I might just leave with her.


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