About the Author

The Basics

Hi, guys! My pen-name is KTMA, a short acronym I created as a Michael Jackson mantra, “Keep the Magic Alive”. KT first started on my Youtube account, ParisHoney1998, as a way to start gaining Michael Jackson subscribers. My real name is Paris, I was born the same month as Paris Jackson, and I’m only a few days older, which is really ironic, in my opinion.

Writing Ethic

I never really expected to go through with the idea of writing MJ fanfic, but I finally grew a pair and put the idea in motion. I love love love writing fiction, it’s the only way I can fully express myself; Writing allows me to imagine, alter, and create the inevitable, so I used my over-obsession with Michael Jackson and combined it with the forces of my love for fiction, and this is what you get: LoveApplehead. I’m not sure how the name LoveApplehead came about, to be honest. I think I just went by a gut impulse.

The Real (First) Series

The first few stories from LA were not successful; the Chapter 1 you see on the website today is not the actual first chapter. My original concept of the LoveApplehead fanfic series was supposed to be different- There were no POVs from other people, and the story started when Michael was only 15 years old. He’d met a young woman named Kim Reeves (who he will meet once again in the LA series) about the same age as him in the corridor of a hotel. She came from an abusive family, was very shy, but friendly (not unlike some of Ari’s characteristics). He had a very sexual dream about Kim, and then, as always, Diana ruins something (although it was just a dream). In the original storyline, Diana was conniving, vengeful, aristocratic, and sleazy. She was prepping Michael to be her little boy-toy, and was actually jealous that someone else was capturing MJ’s heart. (You can see how this version of Diane’s character from the old story transfered and evolved in the Diva Diane we have in the current stories.)

My Dedication To Writing

This series of stories means the world to me, and if I ever stopped the series with an abrupt and awful ending, I’m sure I would hurt myself. I read my own fanfiction over and over and over and over…(You get it) to make sure there aren’t too many grammatical errors, and to make sure the story makes sense. So if your ever find youself re-reading a chapter and something seems really different, you’re not hallucinating. I do rearrange sentences, delete parts of paragraphs, and change dialogue. That’s how dedicated I am to making sure these stories are close-to perfect. Because if it’s half-assed, I won’t publish it.

The way I write my stories is quite simple: I do not actually plan out chapters, I literally type them at the last minute. When I procrastinate, that’s when my creative juices start flowing. So if you ever see an update saying chapter so-and-so is on the way, it may or may not be.

I really do hope you love the series, the stories, the personalities, the characters- Everything!


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